The Institute is being adminstered by the Director of the Institute with direct supervision of Board of Governors (BOG) headed by Chairman as the Institute is registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860. The policy for academic activity will be made through Senate with prior approval of the Board of Governors and implemented through Dean (Academic). The Planning and Development of the institute is being implemented through Dean (Planning & Co-ordination) whereas the students affairs is being looked after by Dean (Students?Affairs). Dean (Adminstration) looks after the adminstrative matter which has been assigned by the Director. Registrar is the custodian of all records of the Institution and all adminstrative orders will be issued through Registrar, where he will also be responsible to the Director for proper implementation of the policy matter of the Institute. The Dean (Adminstration) looks after the adminstrative matter as assigned by the Director and also coordinates the consultancy activities of the Institute.